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We specialize in making various titanium bicycle frames, ranging from road frame, MTB frame, cyclo cross frame to fat bike frame for different purposes.

Why Do You Need a Titanium Bike Frame?

Types of metal can be material for bike frame, and what makes titanium special? First of all, titanium is most renowned for its stregth and durability, bike frames made of ti can have longer lifespan accordingly. Also, it has highest strength-to-density ratio, but with low density, which basically means that a titanium bike frame is super lightweight compared to other materials. Second, titanium has natural resistance to rust, corrosion and any chemical attack. This way, little scratches or marks on your bike frames can be easily removed. 

Titanium Grade We Use in Ora Frames

When it comes to a bicycle frame made of titanium is actually made of titanium alloy, and we adapt two types of titanium alloys; one is 3AL 2.5V TI and another is 6AL 4V TI. Both of these ti alloys feature high strength and lightweight, and we have always prided ourselves on manufacturing lightweight and strong titanium bicycle frames. If you would like to know more about our ti frames, feel free to contact ORA Engineering, the most reliable titanium bike frame manufacturer from Taiwan.